Free Holiday Store


2017 Holiday Store sponsored by the Rotary Club of Westborough and WYFS

The Free Holiday will be open from December 4th to went till December 23rd in 2017. This year the Free Holiday Store gave out 3,063 gifts this included; toys, books, purses, wrapping paper, bows, tape, gift cards, gift tags, holiday cards, gift bags, hats, mittens, shoes, string back packs, clothing items, personal items and other miscellaneous donated items. We helped 117 families and 254 children.  The amount of generosity from the community this year was amazing.

2018 Applications will be available November, 1st. Families wanting to schedule an appointment will need to fill out an application and deliver it to the Youth and Family Services  Office. Applications are available outside the Youth and Family Services Office in the Central One Federal Credit Union Building (40 South Street) on the second floor.  

After we receive the application, we will call to set up an appointment. When coming for the appointment, visitors will need to bring proof of Westborough residency and birth certificates or passports for each child.

Por favor, completen la solicitud para visitar la tienda gratis de las fiestas. Por favor asegúrense de marcar las ayudas que reciben, las cuales nos ayudarán a determinar la necesidad.

Purse Project

Purse Project


2015 Free Holiday Store

2017 Holiday Store sponsored by the Rotary Club of Westborough and WYFS

Thanks to the generosity of the many business, clubs, and families in the Westborough community we had another very successful Holiday Store. We especially want to the thank the Westborough  Library for hosting the store again this year. It really was a magical holiday space to help these  families out.  We distributed gifts amid many happy tears and hugs of gratitude.