Town Seal Review Committee

Voters at Westborough’s May 15, 2021 Annual Town Meeting approved an article establishing the creation of a Town Seal Review Committee to be appointed by the Town Moderator.

The Town voted:

To establish a Town Seal Review Committee consisting of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine residents appointed by the Moderator.  Said committee to include persons suited to the charge of the committee by their interest and familiarity with history, design, and civic participation and whose charge shall be to:

  • Review the history of Town Seals in Westborough
  • To consider whether or not the Town should adopt a new Town Seal after a public process that shall include
  • Consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders 
  • To hold multiple public forums; and to provide a report and recommendation to a future Town Meeting that recommends whether or not the Town should adopt a new Town Seal

and that, if the recommendation is to adopt a new Town Seal, also includes a proposed process for creating a new Town Seal.

Board Members

Name Title
Nicholas Argento Co-Chair
Alla Baranovsky Co-Chair
Ian Delahanty Secretary
Jenna Casello Member
Phyllis Jaffee Member
Dan Lambert Member
Candice Parsons Member
Eric Waite Member
Wendy Mickel Member