What is the Town Clerk?

The Town Clerk - Elected since 1718

The Town Clerk is an ancient and honorable position and one of the oldest elected offices to serve the residents of Westborough. The Town Clerk is visible to the public in many ways, probably more than any other elected Town Official. The Town Clerk relates to nearly every town official in some way as well as to all boards and committees. The Clerk relates to residents, business owners and visitors to the Town. At the State level, the Clerk has duties and responsibilities under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of State and the Attorney General, as well as other state agencies.

The Town Clerk is responsible for providing many and varied requests and services to the residents of Westborough.

The Town Clerk is the Chief Election Official overseeing all aspects of elections whether they are town or state elections. She is responsible for the execution of all elections and the certification of all election results to the Secretary of State. She is Clerk, Ex-Officio of (3) three members of the Board of Registrars; recommends appointment for over 50 Election Officials; conducts the Annual Town Census; updates and maintains the state census database; prepares the Street List; and furnishes the jury list to the Office of the Jury Commissioner.

The Town Clerk is the official recorder of Town Meeting proceedings, certifying all official actions of the Town, including Town Meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals’ decisions, and the signing of all notes for borrowing. Failure to comply with legal requirements can often invalidate actions taken at Town Meeting or cause challenges which result in court action. It takes a certain dedication and appreciation of Town Government to assure the residents that the knowledge, skill, and experience of the Town Clerk will adequately fulfill all the legal, quasi-legal and public relations aspects of the job.

The Town Clerk is the keeper of the Town Seal. The Town Clerk is Registrar of Vital Statistics; registering all vital events (births, deaths and marriages) occurring within the community and those events occurring elsewhere, to town residents. The Town Clerk is responsible for the examining of all vital records and certification by signing and affixing the town seal to all such records.

The Town Clerk serves as the Public Records Officer by administering The Oath of Office to over 480 elected and appointed members of local committees and boards. The Clerk will provide a copy of the Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law to all elected and appointed town officials as required by MGL. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the Conflict of Interest certifications for all town employees and members of all boards and committees.

The Clerk issues various state licenses and permits, including: Marriage Licenses, Raffle & Bazaar Permits, and Fuel Storage renewals. Along with collecting the fees for those licenses and/or permits, the Town Clerk collects fees for matters such as; vital records, dog licenses & dog fines, pole & conduit locations, Civil Violations issued by Police & Board of Health, Business Certificates/LLC’s/Doing Business As, Street Lists, Declaration of Trusts, registration of Physician’s Certificates required by Mass General Laws, Marriage Intentions, recording of power of attorney, the filing of inventory list for closing out sale, and all other recording of documents required by M.G.L. Chp. 182, Sec 2.

The Town Clerk will perform Notary Public services as written in executive order #455. It is customary that the Town Clerk makes application to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Office to be appointed Justice of the Peace allowing the Clerk to solemnize a Marriage in any community in the Commonwealth.

And at times, the Town Clerk will receive a solicitation for judgment of a personal and private nature which seems natural for the Town Clerk to accept willingly and without question. There seems to be an inherent trust in the Clerk when elected to serve in the position.

The Town Clerk’s Office is proud to maintain a long history of service to the residents of Westborough. Our records are a well maintained chronicled account of all actions within the town since the early 1700’s. Each Town Clerk has left a unique but accurate recording which reflects the practices of the time. From that, it is clear that the Town Clerks past and present were honored to be elected and to serve the residents of The Town of Westborough.

Wendy Mickel
Town Clerk