Climate Action Resolution

Special Fall Town Meeting: October 21 2019

Warrant Article 11:  CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION RESOLUTION  (Sustainable Westborough)

To see if the town will vote to request that the Town Manager create a Task Force to develop a comprehensive Climate Action Plan by Annual Town Meeting 2021 to define Westborough’s path to 100% Renewable Energy with the goal of making Westborough a truly sustainable community.  The Climate Action Plan shall include policies, procedures and sources of funding to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and to improve the resilience of the town to climate changes including:

(a)consider climate change in all appropriate decisions and planning processes;

(b)take action to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate;

(c)take actions to ensure Westborough meets our portion of the requirements of the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act;

(d)endeavor to move Westborough municipal operations to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 or another date approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Article Information – Sustainable Westborough is presenting a non-binding resolution for the Town. A vote in favor will provide the Town direction on how it moves forward by stating a non-binding goal for climate change action.

For more information, Watch the presentation here.