Sustainable Westborough

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Our Mission

To promote environmental responsibility and energy efficiency within the Town of Westborough. Working in consultation with the Board of Selectmen and partnering with various town departments, we seek to encourage the application of renewable technologies while reducing the use of fossil fuels and the resulting carbon emissions.

Our Goals

  • Lower energy related expenses for school, municipal, commercial and residential buildings
  • Educate Westborough in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Procure environmental grants to assist Westborough in transitioning to a sustainable future
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels to reduce town-wide carbon emissions
  • Increase utilization of renewable energy from local sources and of other advanced technologies
  • Create local energy to lower costs of town operations

Completed Efforts

  • Secured zoning for renewable energy generating and/or research and development facilities.
  • Adopted expedited permitting for new renewable energy facilities -Passed the Stretch Energy Code   
  • Passed a Fuel Efficient Vehicle and Anti-Idling Policy   
  • Commissioned Town-Wide Energy Reduction Plan    
  • Supported Plastic Bag Reduction bylaw   
  • Attained Green Communities designation and received an initial $152,096 designation grant.
  • Ratified the Climate Change Action Resolution

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Moving Westborough toward 100% Renewable Energy
  • Promoting greener options for Community Choice Electricity Aggregation
  • Upgrading Incandesent lights to LED lights
  • Attending Building Operator Certification® program
  • Community Recycling Education
  • Supporting Polystyrene Ban Bylaw
  • Weatherization Upgrades in Schools & Municipal Buildings


Committee Members

Name Title
Peter Dunbeck Chair (Public)
Eileen Nikopoulos Vice-Chair (Public)
Leigh Emery Member (BOS)
Carol Waite Community Outreach (Public)
Carol Fisher Community Outreach (Public)
John Metzger Member (Public)
Mike Grimm Member (Public)
Katie Curtin Mestre Member (Public)
Eric Waite Member (Public)
Deb Pasternak Member
Cheryl Thomas Member (Public)
Raghu Nandan Member (School Committee)
Stephane Kelley Member (Public)
Steve Doret Member (School Committee)
Ian Johnson