Media Maker Space

Media Maker Space

A Collaborative Project

Westborough Public Library & Westborough TV

The Media Maker Space was created in response to both organizations’ desires to bring the community together and provide a space for creative pursuits. The library repurposed a large storage closet to accommodate the maker space, and provides software, books, and furniture in the space. Westborough TV provided two Mac desktops, a PC desktop, two large flat screen monitors, "backpack journalist" kits for recording videos, a printer, and a VHS to DVD converter for the space. WTV also donated a large flat screen monitor that hangs at the Circulation Desk and displays rotating bulletins of information about library events and services.

Each of the computers in the Media Maker Space is loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, Audacity, and Microsoft Office. 

The Maker Space is available free of charge by appointment during hours that it can be staffed by WTV staff, library staff, or volunteers. One-on-one and small group classes will be held in the space, covering topics like stop-motion films, social media, basic video editing, and much more. Westborough residents will be able to reserve time in the makerspace; nonresidents will be able to use it on a walk-in basis.

For more information about the Media Maker Space, or to volunteer to staff the space, lead a class, or give a demonstration, please contact Maureen Ambrosino, Library Director, at (508) 366-3050 or email.


Media Tools

In the Media Maker Space we offer you the room and tools to make all different kinds of media! From movies to decorative invitations, you can do it all here. To get those creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas to get you started.

You can...

  • Film your own movie with our HD video cameras.
  • Make your own stop motion animation with a professional green screen.
  • Take still photographs with the help of an LED light kit.
  • Add special effects to any footage with Adobe After Effects.
  • Make invitations for a special event with Adobe InDesign.
  • Touch up your photographs with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Create your own logo in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Edit your own video to perfection with Adobe Premier Pro.
  • Build a personal website or app with Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Create your own animations with Adobe Flash.
  • Create a website with Adobe Muse.
  • Record your own music with Adobe Audition.
  • Turn your old VHS tapes into DVDs with our dubbing station.
  • Decorate a resume with Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign.
  • Add a new layer of excitement to a presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Photoshop.


The Media Maker Space is here to assist the patrons of the Westborough Public Library with all of their creative pursuits in the world of digital media!

The possibilities are endless at the Media Maker Space.