Equipment Loan Policy


The Westborough Public Library has equipment available for loan to patrons. Anyone checking out equipment shall only use their own personal library card. Under no circumstances may equipment be checked out using another person’s card.

  • Laptops equipped with wi-fi capabilities and Microsoft Office to be used onsite
  • Chromebooks equipped with wi-fi capabilities to be used onsite
  • Mobile Wi-fi Hotspots to be used onsite
  • Telescopes can be checked out and used offsite
  • Geocaching Kits can be checked out and used offsite


Laptops:  The borrower must present a Westborough Public Library card in good standing (fines no greater than $10.00) and a driver’s license or valid photo ID. The library card and identification piece or license will be held at the Circulation Desk until the laptop is returned. The borrower must be 18 or older.

Chromebooks:  Teens (grade 6 and higher) may check out a Chromebook with a Westborough Public Library card and student ID.  

Hotspots:  Borrowers must be Westborough residents 18 or older with a Westborough Public Library card in good standing and a valid photo ID.

Telescopes:  Borrowers must be Westborough residents 18 or older with a Westborough Public Library card in good standing and a valid photo ID.

Geocaching Kits:  Borrowers must be Westborough residents 18 or older with a Westborough Public Library card in good standing and a valid photo ID.

Loan Period

Laptops & Chromebooks may be checked out for 2 hours, and must not be removed from the building. No renewals. Lending will end 1 hour before the Library closes. The devices must be returned 30 minutes before closing. Available on a first-come, first-served basis for 1 session per day. Borrowers may only check out 1 device per day.

Hotspots, Telescopes, & Geocaching Kits may be checked out for 2 weeks and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No renewals.


No additional software may be downloaded or installed on laptops or Chromebooks, and software already installed must not be duplicated or removed. Users wishing to save files they have created must back them up to USB drives or personal internet based accounts. All created files will be wiped clean after a session ends by software that is in use on the device, and will not be able to be recovered. Equipment loaned by the library may not be used to engage in illegal activities or to disturb others. Borrowers who wish to view videos or listen to audio must supply and use their own headphones. Only 1 piece of equipment (hotspot, telescope, geocaching kit) may be checked out per cardholder at any time. Patrons must not loan equipment to others.


Computers:  The library’s Policy for Public Access to Computers and Internet applies to laptop and Chromebook use. Users must read and agree to the policy before internet access is allowed. Devices must not be left unattended or be taken to library restrooms. The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with damage or loss or theft of equipment and any peripherals during the period it is checked out. The library does not accept replacement hardware, software, equipment or peripherals in lieu of payment. Device borrowing privileges shall be suspended if the patron fails to return any device by the time it is due. The borrower must return the device, mouse, and cord to the Circulation Desk at the end of the checkout period. Laptops or Chromebooks removed from the library or not returned by library closing time will be considered stolen, and the Westborough Police Department will be notified immediately.

Hotspots:  Hotspots may not be returned in the book drop; they MUST be returned at the main floor Circulation Desk. Any hotspot that is not returned on its due date will be deactivated and will no longer work.

Telescopes:  Telescopes must be returned to the main floor Circulation Desk. They may not be stored outdoors while on loan, and must be used in a clean, dry, dust-free place safe from rapid temperature changes and humidity. Dust caps must be placed on the front of the telescope and on the focuser when not in use.

Geocaching Kits:  Must be returned to the main floor Circulation Desk.


The library is not responsible for damage to any removable drive (i.e. flash drive), or lost or corrupted files, for any reason.

The library is not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to user storage devices. Tampering with library equipment or attempting to access or modify the operating system or any other software or programming, including bypassing security functions, is prohibited.

The library cannot guarantee that hotspots will work in every location. The devices run from cellular signals, which may be weak or intermittent in some locations.

The library is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by use of equipment borrowed by patrons. (Do not ever look at the sun through the telescope, permanent eye damage may result. Be aware of your surroundings at all times when using Geocaching Kits.)

Fines or fees will be charged for damage or replacement.


Each hour/fraction thereof that laptop is overdue (no grace period or maximum fine)$10.00
Lost or damaged power cord

Replacement Cost + $25.00 Processing Fee

Damaged laptopRepair Cost (Up to Total Replacement Cost) + $25.00 Processing Fee

Lost or stolen laptop (if stolen, borrower must submit a copy of the police report to the library)

Replacement Cost + $25.00 Processing Fee
Battery missing or damagedReplacement Cost
Each day/fraction thereof that hotspot or telescope is overdue$10.00
Lost, damaged, or stolen hotspotReplacement Cost + $25.00 Processing Fee
Lost, damaged, or stolen telescopeReplacement Cost of $350 + $25.00 Processing Fee
Lost, damaged, or stolen geocaching kit (excluding book)Replacement Cost + $25.00 Processing Fee