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Jail Diverson Program

The Jail Diversion Program (JDP) Clinician, I’d like you to meet Christina Fitton, LCSW (Licensed Certified Social Worker). She’s been a team member for just over a year and quickly became an invaluable asset to WPD. Christina is highly trained and educated, achieving her Associates in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling, Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and Masters in Social Work. She works for Advocates Co-Response Jail Diversion Program, responding to calls in Westborough, Northborough, & Southborough.

Advocates launched the first Pre-Arrest Co-Responder Jail Diversion Program (JDP) in Massachusetts in 2003 at the Framingham Police Department. Since then, Advocates has replicated the co-response model in fifteen cities/towns throughout the Commonwealth. The JDP provides an extensive collaboration between master level clinicians and the patrol division which affords police officers the opportunity to deliver rapid mental health services to those they encounter. By providing treatment-based alternatives, clinicians can facilitate arrest diversions on the scene and in the moment. On average, 75% of individuals presenting with criminal behavior are diverted from arrest and into appropriate treatment (Abbott, 2020).

The JDP Clinician rides alongside our patrol officers responding to calls for citizens in crisis. She often has the ability to deescalate stressful situations while recommending an array of short term and long term services. In Christina’s own words, “My favorite aspect of this job is the ability to bridge the gap between police and the community.” Her work is extremely valued among the members of the Westborough Police Department. Several officers have reported, Christina’s work has inspired them to most importantly, offer compassion, while also seeking alternative solutions.

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Interface Referral Service

Interface Referral Service, a program of William James College is a free, confidential referral service that connects Westborough residents with outpatient mental health providers, such as therapists, groups and psychiatrists, including those offering telehealth (video-based) services. Interface helpline counselors speak multiple languages. Call 888-244-6843, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM The Interface website also includes a COVID-19 Resource Page with information and links related to mental health, interpersonal safety, parenting and more.

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