Town Labor Contracts

The following are all current labor contracts for both labor unions and key personnel of the Town.  For additional information please do not hesitate to contact Kristi Williams, Town Manager at or Kim Foster, Assistant Town Manager at

Clerical Union Contracts
SEIU Clerical 2019 Contract

DPW Contracts
SEIU DPW 2019 Contract

Police Union Contracts

Police Superior Officer's Union Contract FY20-FY22

Police Officer's Union Contract FY20-FY22

Fire Union Contracts

Firefighter's Union Contract FY20-FY23

Dispatcher Union Contract

Dispatcher's Contract FY20-FY22

Town Manager Contract

Town Manager's Contract FY20-FY22

Fire Chief Contract

Fire Chief's Contract FY19-FY21

Police Chief Contract

Police Chief's Contract FY19-FY21

DPW Director Contract

DPW Director's Contract FY20-FY22