New Website for Town of Westborough

Introducing the Town of Westborough’s new website!  The new website incorporates “Responsive Web Design” which automatically restructures the content to optimize its ease-of-use for all device types (as well as portrait and landscape views on each).  This is especially important for mobile phones which have rapidly become the most common device used to access the internet.  There is no “mobile app” to download and mobile site visitors have easy access to the entire website’s content (and not a restricted sub-set like most mobile apps).

In addition to responsive design, the new website includes improved navigation (using expansive “Mega Menus” from the main navigation categories), a single location for all commonly requested content areas (under the menu item “Where Do I Go For?”), and a Form/Document Center (a single location for all commonly requested forms and documents).  The new platform also provides many benefits for town officials updating the website.  Please check it out and let us know what you think!