Congratulations to the November 2019 Employee Excellence Award Winner Patrick Cullen!

The Employee Excellence Award committee is pleased to present this award to Patrick Cullen in the Fire Department.  Besides performing his normal duties as a member of the Fire Department regulars, Patrick acts as the I.T. consultant for both the Fire and Police Departments. During the recent Forbes Building renovation of the Police Station, Patrick “…worked tirelessly…ensuring a state-of-the-art facility for the new Police Department.”  He circumvented difficulties down the line by recognizing potential problems/errors and assisting in taking the necessary corrective measures during construction.  His efforts have saved the Town time and money and ensured smooth coordination of technology connecting the Police and Fire Departments.  As a consequence, our Fire and Police Departments have realized significant technology advancements, enabling an enhanced public safety response.  He has been described as making “outstanding selfless efforts” and he is a greatly appreciated asset to both the Fire and Police Departments.