Congratulations to the May 2022 Employee Excellence Award Winner TJ Voutas!

The Employee Excellence Award committee is pleased to present this award to TJ Voutas in the DPW-Cemetery Department. 

For the first time ever, a private citizen has gone out of his way to petition the Town to recognize a particular employee, hailing TJ Voutas as an outstanding member of the Town’s DPW department in the cemetery division.  In a very complimentary letter, this individual, having “…witnessed over the years TJ’s dedication to our loved ones’ graves”, regularly going out of his way to respect the sensitivities of grieving families.  With great care, TJ has addressed certain requests made by this and other individuals, “…dealing every day with grieving loved ones picking out plots for burial with pure respect.”  Particularly appreciated is how he’s ensured that the cemetery was made beautiful with flags placed for Veteran’s Day and “…then was at the center of Town making sure the sound system was o.k.  I even heard policemen at Grove saying how nice it was.”  The letter praised TJ as a “respectful young man” and a “wonderful person”, with reference made to another individual who would back up this gentleman’s testimony.  As it is said that one compliment in writing represents forty unwritten concurring opinions, it can be assumed that there are many other residents who equally appreciate TJ’s efforts to go out of his way to let them know their loved ones are not forgotten and continue to be honored whether or not his efforts are being recognized.