Congratulations to the May 2021 Employee Excellence Award Winner Jared Kelley!

The Employee Excellence Award committee is pleased to present this award to Jared Kelley in the DPW. 

Jared is Leadman in the Sewer Division of the DPW, “…responsible for regular maintenance of over 30 pump stations and a town-wide wastewater pipe network”.  He has been praised for his extreme dedication and insight.

Jared approaches his job proactively, routing out potential system problems that would result in catastrophic and prohibitively expensive system failures and, in the process, preventing public health hazards.  For example, he and his crew recently diagnosed a situation with one of the larger pump stations which, if not addressed quickly, had the potential to result in an extremely serious emergency costing the Town thousands of dollars.  Jared’s analysis proved correct and resulted in a solution that he and his crew, with contractor assistance, resolved the problem at minimal cost to the town. “Jared’s critical thinking skills and problem-solving mindset” are evidence of his passion for the job and have become a crucial aspect of the ongoing success of the DPW Sewer Division crew.  The Town is truly indebted to this publicly unsung hero!