Hocomonco Pond Re-Use Committee

The Hocomonco Pond Reuse Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Selectman on the future use and redevelopment of the Hocomonco Pond parcel.

Contact Email: hocomonco@town.westborough.ma.us

To access the April 28th, 2021 meeting of the Hocomonco Pond Reuse Committee, click HERE.

Board Members

Name Title
Ellen Gugel Active Transportation and Safety Committee
Hank Rauch Advisory Finance Committee
Shelby Marshall Board of Selectmen
Steven Baccari Board of Health Director
Gary Kessler Conservation Commission
Jordan McCarron Conservation Officer
Earl Storey Jr. Department of Public Works
Jason Ferschke Fire Department
Andrew Koenigsberg Open Space Preservation Committee
Glenn McLeod Police Department
Jenn Kirkland Recreation Department
Kristi Williams Town Manager
Sara Dullea School Committee
Mark Silverberg Planning Board