Historical Commission

The Commission, a seven member Board, appointed by the Selectmen, is a legal  body under M.G.L. Chapter 40 paragraph 8D, mandated to protect and preserve historic buildings, structures, properties, cemeteries and archaeology sites in the Town. Managing and maintaining historic properties is also its responsibility.

The Commission meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in its office, in the Library's 1st floor, in the Children's area. All meetings (except Executive Sessions) are open to the Public. Meetings are posted on the Bulletin Board outside the Town Clerk's Office in Town Hall and on the Local Cable Channel.

With cooperation from the Building Commissioner, the Commission enforces a Sign Bylaw on all Historic Properties, Historic Districts and Commercial Properties within 2,500 feet from the rotary.

The Demolition Bylaw comes under its jurisdiction if any structure was built before 1950. Restrictions apply in both of the aforementioned Bylaws.

All Site Plans are reviewed by the Commission for any historical or archaeological significance, If so deemed in the case of buildings and structures, each is examined and researched for  historical and/or architectural importance. Sites identified as archaeologically sensitive a walk-over survey is required to assess the land before any development can occur.

The Commission works with the Planning Board when proposals for new developments are submitted as to the name of the Development and name(s) of its Streets. Names are chosen in cooperation with the developer from and extensive list compiled by the Commission.

In the Commission Office there are Research files and a small Library which includes information of the history, townspeople, genealogy, places and events dating from 1643. Maps, Survey Forms, Deeds and photographs both historic as well as contemporary are available for study.

Westborough has several National Register Districts, the West Main Street Historic District and its extensions, the Vintonville Historic District, Parkman Parsonage district and the Cedar Swamp Archaeology Historic District. Several individual properties are also listed on the National and State Register of Historic Places. A full list of Historic District Properties can be seen by clicking here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sue Speckman Secretary (508) 366-3048

Commission Members

Name Title
Hazel Nourse Chair (2017)
Jennifer B. Doherty Member (2017)
Cindy DuBose
Gary A. Gregory Member (2017)
Marjorie Peairs Member (2016)
Nancy Strecker
Vacancy One
Vacancy Two