Green Technology Advisory Group

Our Mission

To provide vision, information, and proposals to the Town through the Board of Selectman, enabling and promoting the application of green and sustainable technology on current and future Town buildings, property, and services as well as residential, commercial and industrial buildings and projects in Westborough.

Our Goals

  • Lower energy related expenses

Lower energy costs will help reduce taxes and enable the Town of Westborough to invest in schools and critical infrastructure enhancements.

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and reduce other pollutants

Protecting the environment will benefit residents and future generations by lowering the health impact of fossil fuel pollutants and leakage from gas pipelines.

  • Reduce demand on fossil fuels imported to state

Investment in local renewable energy companies and energy efficiency service providers helps keep money and jobs local.

  • Enhance image of Westborough

Young families value towns and employers who care about our environment.  Westborough will benefit from joining of a growing movement that already includes more than half of all municipalities in Massachusetts.

Our Current Initiative - Become a "Green Community"

Under the Massachusetts Green Communities Act, established in 2008, twenty million dollars has been set aside to assist towns moving toward energy efficiency and sustainable development. Funds distributed through grants that promote renewable energy projects.

Westborough will receive an initial grant of $140,000 upon attaining the Green Communities designation.  Each subsequent year we will have the ability to apply for competitive grants, totaling $250,000 per year.

Here is what neighboring towns have received since they became Green Communities…

Neighboring Green Community Grants as of 9/1/2017
CommunityYear Enrolled Grants Obtained 

Completed Work:

Lighting upgrades have been made to many of the Town buildings and schools which will contribute significant energy cost savings as well as reduce the Town's energy consumption by more than 84,000 kwh per year.

Interested in joining the Green Technology Advisory Committee?   Please email

Committee Members

Name Title
Peter Dunbeck Chair (Public)
Eileen Nikopoulos Vice-Chair (Public)
Ian Johnson Member (BOS)
Deb Pasternak Secretary (Public)
Carol Waite Community Outreach (Public)
Carol Fisher Community Outreach (Public)
John Metzger Member (Public)
Carl Balduf, P.E., P.L.S. Member (DPW Alt)
Steve Doret Member (School Committee)
Phung Nguyen, EIT Member (DPW)
Dave Crandall Member