Smoke Detector Inspections

DFS Smoke Detector Guide

The Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection is conducted by the Westborough Fire Dept. in accordance to MGL ch148 Sec. 26F

If interested in scheduling a Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection, please fill out the application below completely within the "Applicant Use Only" Section. Once completed please deliver to the Westborough Fire Dept with a check made out to the "Town of Westborough." We accept either personal or bank check, we cannot accept cash, credit or debit. 

Residential Homes - 1 to 2 Family :  $50 
Residential Homes - 3+ Family:  $100

Once both have been delivered to the Fire Department an inspection date will be scheduled. 

The Guidebook below will describe the required type of detectors and proper location for detectors based on the year the home was built or renovated. Feel free to contact the Westborough Fire Department with any questions at 508-389-2300.