Cultural Council

Westborough Cultural Council
The Westborough Cultural Council is the local representative of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), and is one of over three hundred local councils responsible to every community in the Commonwealth.  Our mission is to enhance the Town's cultural life.  We do this by awarding grants to deserving projects such as performances, field trips, school programs, concerts, broadcasts — programs that are part of people’s everyday lives.  Thanks to Local Cultural Councils, like Westborough, cultural activities are taking place in schools, cultural organizations, community centers, libraries, elder care facilities, town halls and parks; wherever communities come together.  Our mission is to support the cultural enrichment and creative opportunities that provide diversity and availability to all residents of our town.

Funding for grant awards is made possible through three sources.  Our local council receives funding from the State via the MA Cultural Council. The second source of funding is through the annual Town budget.  Our Annual Town Meeting has consistently approved an appropriation to support our activities.  Finally, we created ARTS IN COMMON  (AIC), both as a community festival and as a means to raise local funds to support the arts and culture in Westborough.  This free town-wide event invites the entire community to join together in a celebration of art, music, dance, food and fun. The day-long event features artists, musicians, performers and crafters from our local community. The Tenth Anniversary of ARTS IN COMMON was held on October 5, 2019 on Bay State Green. AIC is on hiatus for 2020 and is looking forward to returning in Fall 2021.

We hope that you share our belief that the cultural life of our community helps to define its character and purpose.  The Cultural Council will continue its efforts to bring meaningful programs and events to Westborough. Together, we can enrich the cultural life of our community and thus further promote Westborough as a thriving hub of activity in the Commonwealth. 

The Cultural Council welcomes new ideas and new members.  The Council is comprised of volunteers appointed by the Selectmen. There are twelve positions on the committee, although state parameters allow any number between five and twenty-two members. The members are volunteers from the community with an interest in or support of arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences. Diverse membership is highly desirable. Member terms are for three years
Grant applicants must comply with our local guidelines, as well as state rules.  Online applications for event funding must be submitted by December 14 and must also:
  • Take place in or originate in Westborough.
  • Have a specific, scheduled venue and a scheduled date.
  • Be open to the public and be so advertised.
  • Be sponsored by a non-profit organization or be a non-profit event.
  • Be handicapped-accessible.
  • If a field trip, be for the benefit of Westborough residents.    

Board Members

Name Title
Connie Hastings Chair (2022)
Holly Kenny Co-Chair (2022)
Maureen Johnson Treasurer (2023)
Ajai Thirumalai Secretary (2023)
Lynn Watts Associate Member
Carolyn Spring Member (2023)
Sue Abladian Member (2023)
Ryan Nguyen Member (2023)
Clifford Watts Member (2021)
Robert Cunningham Member (2021)
Michelle French Member (2021)
Vidya Ramalingam Member (2021)
Tracy Spadafora Member (2022)