Active Transportation and Safety Committee

The committee is organized to work to improve bicycling and pedestrian conditions in the Town of Westborough. It will strive to create a comprehensive view of bicycle and pedestrian related activities in Westborough. The committee will make it possible for all town groups and departments to coordinate activities that involve or affect cycling and walking in Westborough.

The committee will perform the following activities:

  • Advise the Board of Selectmen and other town officials, boards, commissions, committees, and departments on matters related to proposed recreational paths and physical improvements to street infrastructure.
  • Work with the Open Space Preservation Committee and other town departments and boards to develop a “Rail Trail” along an old trolley line.
  • Work with local businesses to encourage a bicycle community and community investment in bicycle racks, signage, and other mutually beneficial amenities.
  • Coordinate with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC), and the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) to develop intermodal transportation solutions.
  • Work with the Police Department and the Department of Public Works to encourage safe biking and walking.
  • Encourage bicycle education and riding skills development to improve safety for cyclists of all ages.
  • Coordinate with neighboring communities to provide inter-town opportunities for cycling and walking.


Committee Members

Name Title
Glenn McLeod Member
Ed Beauchemin Member
Don Burn Member
Ellen Gugel Member
Nancy Siegal Member
Julie Squires Member
Patrick Purcell Fire Department Representative
Fred Lonardo Community Development Office Representative
Joseph Boccadoro Department of Public Works Representative
Jim Robbins Planning Department Representative
Cliff Luce Police Department Representative