What can I do about it?

The process to appeal is to file an abatement in the Assessor's Office. This must be USPS postmarked by February 1st. The appeal is on the total assessed value of the property. You cannot appeal the total tax amount, increase in tax amount or net increase in value. It is the final assessed value for Fiscal 2022 that can be appealed. Complete the application and explain to the Board of Assessor's what you think your property is worth as of January 1, 2021 and why.

It is recommended that you review your records prior (Online Database) to filing for an abatement. Occasionally, the inspection can reveal discrepancies in our data, such as missing finished basement or bath, that can result in an increase in value. You will then be contacted by the office to schedule a time for an inspection of the property. After the inspection, the Board will review the application and inspection information and vote to grant or deny an abatement. The Board has 90 days from the date of receipt of the application to act on the abatement.

If you find that your assessed value is at or below market value, the best way to impact your taxes is to get involved in the process. If you do not attend Town Meeting, you have missed the opportunity to vote and/or speak about the spending of the Town. Truly the opportunity to impact the spending is to get involved early. Pay attention to the Board of Selectmen's meetings. Town Meeting is the end of the process. The opportunity to impact the articles presented is to follow the process and speak up early.

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5. What can I do about it?