How can I stay up to date on new programs or program registration deadlines?
  • Join our email list. We send weekly and sometimes biweekly email updates with all of our program offerings.
  • Follow us on social media, Facebook and Instagram
  • We typically send a program brochure to all Westborough homes, one in the fall for our fall and winter activities and one in February for Spring and Summer activities. These brochures are also on our website
  • Check our website! Everything we have is on our website and that is the best place to find complete information about programs/events and the easiest way to register.

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1. What is the rate if you qualify for a scholarship?
2. Who qualifies for scholarships for your programs?
3. How long do I have to use my credits?
4. What can an account credit be used for?
5. How long will it take to receive my check?
6. Can I get my credit card refunded directly?
7. How much notice do I need to give in order to receive a refund?
8. Can I reserve school space (gyms, fields, classrooms) through the Recreation Department?
9. Do you have indoor space like gyms, meeting rooms, art rooms, etc, that my club/organization can rent?
10. Can I rent a playground for private use?
11. Can my organization/business rent field space if we aren’t from Westborough?
12. How do I rent field space?
13. Can I rent the pavilion at the beach for a private event?
14. Do you offer swim lessons for adults?
15. Do you offer swim lessons for kids?
16. My child is looking for a summer job are you hiring lifeguards?
17. If I have a season pass can I bring a guest?
18. How many people can attend with me if I have a family season pass?
19. Can nonresidents use the beach?
20. Why do you close the beach so early? It is still warm out in August and even September?
21. When does Lake Chauncy open?
22. How can I stay up to date on new programs or program registration deadlines?
23. There’s a program I’d really like to offer through the town, what are next steps?
24. Do you have financial aid?
25. Will I receive email confirmation once I register for programs?
26. My child’s grade is incorrect in the system. What do I do?
27. How do I register my child for programs?