What programs are available for home safety?

The Senior Center offers several programs for residents in conjunction with the Westborough Fire Department and Westborough Police Department. Each year, in November, we sponsor "Project Alarm" to change the batteries in your household smoke detectors and make sure they are still working properly. The also check and install carbon monoxide detectors. We also offer residential lock boxes so that emergency personnel can get into your home if you are not able to answer the door. There is a fee for the box and we install them for you. Additionally, twice a year, in April and October, we sponsor a document shredding day at the Senior Center. The Fire and Police are also there to collect unused or out of date medications and used sharps (in approved containers). There is no charge and no limit on how much paper you can bring. Check the Westborough Senior Scene for dates and more information.

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2. What programs are available for home safety?
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