Request Public Tree Removal

The procedure for securing a permit to cut, trim or remove a public right of way tree is as follows:

1. A written request is made to the Tree Warden to remove a public shade tree by sending a letter to the Department of Public Works, 131 Oak St, Westborough, MA 01581

2. The Tree Warden will review the request and inspects the tree(s). He will decide if a hearing is necessary or if the trees are a healthy asset to the town and will remain.

3. If deemed appropriate the Tree Warden will schedule a public hearing.

4. Notice of the public hearing is given by the Tree Warden, identifying size, type and location of the shade tree or trees to be cut down or removed. The notice shall be posted in two or more public places in the town and upon the tree at least seven days before such hearing and published in a newspaper of general circulation in the town once in each of two successive weeks, the first publication to be not less than seven days before the hearing.

5. Upon completion of the public hearing, the Tree Warden issues a finding for the removal of the tree or trees.

*If written objection is made by one or more persons to the Tree Warden at or before the public hearing, a permit to cut or remove cannot be issued unless approved by the Select Board.