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The Town of Westborough has created the "Business One Stop" opportunity for entrepreneurs to test potential development projects with relevant staff. At these meetings, held every Wednesday at 2 pm, all relevant municipal departments provide feedback on your project idea. In this way, these meetings function as a "one stop shop" for entrepreneurs and developers-you can attend one meeting and hear the concerns or requirements, including permitting, from all municipal departments. These meetings are for projects that have evolved beyond concepts-in other words, entrepreneurs should have tangible plans, such as a site plan or business plan, to bring to the meeting. Email Mark Zepf Economic Development Coordinator  convenes these meetings upon request, so please fill out the following form or reach out to him directly if you're interested in scheduling a session.

If you would like to test a concept with the Town of Westborough or are very early on in your planning process, we'd still like to talk to you, too! Please email Mark Zepf, Economic Development Coordinator and he will determine if a "Business One Stop" meeting is appropriate or help you think through your idea with relevant staff, as necessary.

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