Liquor License

As of January 2023, the liquor license availability in Westborough is as follows: 

License TypeAnnual FeeNumber Available
Section 12- Wine & Malt Quota$10001
Section 12- Wine & Malt Special Legislation$10000
Section 12- All Alcohol Quota$20007
Section 12- All Alcohol Special Legislation$200010
Section 15- Wine & Malt Quota$12500
Section 15- All Alcohol Quota$20000
Section 15- All Alcohol Special Legislation$20000

To apply for an available liquor license, please utilize the website of the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission for information on Massachusetts General Laws related to liquor licensing and to attain the required documents in order to apply.

Having a special event and looking for a 1-Day Liquor License? Please click here for application materials. Completed applications should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the proposed event.

Please review the following matrices to further explain the requirements of applicants:

Additional documents required for all liquor licenses: