Historical Commission

The Historical Commission is a legal body formed under M.G.L. Chapter 40, Section 8D, and is mandated to protect and preserve historic structures, properties, cemeteries and archaeology sites in the Town of Westborough. The Commission’s jurisdiction includes administration of the Article 64 of the General Bylaws - Demolition of Historical or Architecturally Significant Building in the Town of Westborough.  All demolition permits for structures built prior to 1950 must be reviewed and signed off on by the Commission.

The Commission works with the Planning Board when the Planning Board receives proposals for new residential developments. The Commission advises in the naming of new developments and in the naming of streets within such developments. In addition, the Commission reviews all site plans affecting properties which may have historical or archaeological significance. When deemed appropriate, the necessary research is undertaken by the Commission. In cases where sites are identified as archaeologically sensitive, a walkover survey is performed to assess the site prior to the commencement of any planned development.

The Historical Commission office contains extensive research files and a reference library. The latter includes information on the Town’s history, its historic properties and its residents of note, as well as information on places and events dating from 1643. Maps, survey forms, deeds and photographs both historic and contemporary are available to the general public for study.

The commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Select Board for three year terms.


Meeting times may vary. Check calendar for posted meetings.

  • 7 pm
  • 4th Wednesday of every month
  • Forbes Municipal Building
    2nd Floor, Room 215

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted in advance of each meeting in accordance with open meeting law and available on this website. Minutes are posted following approval.

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Heather AbrahamMember2026
Cynthia DuBoseMember2024
Christian HedrickChair2025
Phil MighdollMember2025
Marjorie PeairsMember2025
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