Transfer Station & Recycling Facility Food Waste Collection


Food waste brought to the Transfer Station should be transported in a reusable container or brown paper grocery bag. Food waste cannot be brought in bio bags since the bio bags are not fully broken down by the company that is handling our food waste.

View more information on our Food Composting page

Acceptable Items

  • Raw or cooked meat and seafood
  • Dairy products, eggs and egg shells
  • Pasta, bread, grains and cereals
  • Cake, cookies, candies
  • Coffee grinds
  • Soup, stews, yogurt
  • Cooking oil, grease
  • Vegetables, produce - cooked or raw

Not Acceptable Items

  • Yard Waste, branches, brush, grass clippings (bring to a separate area for yard waste at the Transfer Station instead)
  • Plastic bags, including compostable bio bags
  • Plastic, metal, glass (Please recycle these items instead as appropriate)
  • Paper products
  • Cartons - milk, juice, etc.
  • Textiles
  • Dog and cat waste, including cat litter
  • Cigarettes
  • Dead animals
  • Diapers and sanitary products