Food Composting Information

Westborough threw out 2367 pounds of waste per household in 2018, 2 to 3x more than our neighbors. Composting is an easy way to reduce this number since the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection estimates that 24% of waste is organic material that can be composted.

The Town of Westborough now offers food composting at the Transfer Station for anyone who has a Transfer Station sticker. Recycle stickers continue to be free and these stickers allow residents to bring their recycling and food waste to the Transfer Station.  View guidelines on what food waste can be handled at the Transfer Station. Waste can be brought in paper bags but please note that it cannot be brought in bio bags since the bio bags are not fully broken down by the company that is handling our food waste

For those who prefer a curbside option, the Town has also partnered with Black Earth Compost to offer curbside food waste collection services that will turn your food scraps back into dirt that can grow more food instead of being tossed as trash.

You'd be surprised how much of your waste you can actually compost with curbside collection. Unlike your backyard pile, on a curbside program, you can include bones, pizza boxes, compostable takeout containers, meat, cheese, lobster shells, your dog's hair, and almost everything that was alive!

The Black Earth service currently costs $99 for six months and once we get to 300 Westborough families, the price will be lowered to $69. At sign-up, you will be required to purchase a starter kit. This is currently $34 and includes a 13-gallon curbside bin and two sizes of compostable liners.

Sign up for Black Earth composting services.