Youth & Family Services

Westborough Youth and Family Services (WYFS) provides mental health and substance abuse counseling, prevention and education programs, information and referrals to resources and service for the residents of Westborough. The department takes an active role in the coordination of mental health and social services for the town.

Westborough Youth and Family Services has a vision that Westborough will be a supportive community that is responsive to the behavioral health and wellness needs of all residents. The following departmental values were identified during YFS’ strategic planning process in 2019:

  • Welcoming, friendly and accessible with low barriers to services
  • Advocates for the behavioral health, social, and emotional needs of all residents
  • Leaders in behavioral health, providing a lens of mental health to Town agencies, departments, and residents
  • Providers of highest quality care
  • Respectful, safe, inclusive, professional in all services and interactions

Counseling services, provided by licensed Masters’ level therapists, are free to Westborough residents of all ages who have had difficulty accessing behavioral health services elsewhere. Clinical consultation services are available to any and all residents. Resource and referral services connect Westborough residents to goods and services to meet their mental health and basic needs. Through community engagement activities, including coalition participation, public presentations, programs and inter-departmental consultations, YFS raises awareness and provides community-wide behavioral health education and information.

Westborough Youth and Family Services Offered