Tree Plantings

Adopt a Tree Program

In support of the town’s efforts to improve the natural environment and promote the value of trees, the DPW invites residents to participate in our Adopt a Tree Program.  The program relies on setback planting, which is the practice of planting public trees beyond the public right-of-way on private property.

Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 87, Section 7, allows towns to plant trees within 20 feet of the public right-of way, provided that written permission from the adjoining property owner is obtained first.

Trees are planted at no cost to the resident other than a commitment by the property owner to take responsibility for watering and maintaining the tree. In many towns, this has proven to be an effective way to promote environmental stewardship and improve a town’s urban forest.  

Using the setback area allows the DPW to plant the right tree in the right place, improving the likelihood of the tree surviving the planting and living for many decades.