Conflict of Interest Law / Ethics Online Training


The State Ethics Commission has recently launched a new conflict of interest law online training course and online learning platform.

All state, county, and municipal employees, including members of boards and commissions, must complete online training as required by General Laws c. 268A, § 28 within 30 days of becoming employed, elected, or appointed as a public official, and every two years thereafter. The law also requires all public employees to annually acknowledge that they have received a summary of the conflict of interest law. To access the training and summary acknowledgment, please visit the online portal (Chrome browser is recommended).

Using the Training Portal

  1. You will be instructed to create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  2. Once the registration process is complete you will be emailed a link to begin completing your training and education requirements. The training is approximately one hour long.
  3. Once the training is complete, your certificate of completion will be stored in the system. You do not need to print out or forward the certificates to anyone unless directed otherwise.
  4. Listed next to the Conflict of Interest Law Training is "Acknowledge Receipt of the Summary of the Conflict-of Interest Law for Municipal Employees." Please launch and complete the acknowledgment.

Call or email the Town Clerk's Office with any questions.