Fire Prevention

Please contact the Westborough Fire Department Fire Prevention Office with any questions by emailing the Fire Prevention Department or 508-389-2440.

Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Permits

All Sprinkler and Fire Alarm permits are issued by the Westborough Building Department. Questions can be directed to the Building Department at 508-366-3015.

The Westborough Building Department will process Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Permits and will distribute the permit to Fire Prevention for review.

To Order A Knox Box

View the Knox Box website.

Applications & Forms

View the Permit Pro website.

  • Application for Fuel Oil Burner Permit (PermitPro Link)
    • Oil Burner Install or Alterations
    • Oil Tank Removal
  • Application for Standard Permit
    • Propane storage
    • Flammable Liquids
    • Welding/Hot Work
    • Black Powder
    • Vent Free Fire Places
  • Carbon Monoxide - Technical Option
    • To apply for a Carbon Monoxide permit in a Commercial Building
  • Hazardous Materials Process Permit
    • To apply for a permit in which the facility is regulated by the Hazardous Materials Process Permit
  • Tank Removal/Transport Form
    • To apply for a permit to remove a fuel oil storage tank
  • Fire Department Inspection Application
    • Application required to request a facility fire and life safety inspection

Helpful Documents