Town Cemeteries

Pine Grove Cemetery was a 16 acre pine lot formerly belonging to Reverend Ebenezer Parkman and was developed into Pine Grove Cemetery in 1844. The acreage has been expanded over the years and now totals 18.59 acres. The cemetery remains in use to date.

When a new cemetery first opened in any town in the 1800’s, it became “fashionable” for families to be buried there rather than the older existing cemeteries. Because of this you will see a few slate gravestones in Pine Grove cemetery that predate the opening of the cemetery. Families would actually move their loved ones to the new family plot, in the “new” cemetery.

Pine Grove Cemetery has one of only a few active cemetery chapels in the area. The brick and stone chapel was donated by the Jonas A. Stone family in his memory in 1904. It was significantly damaged in the hurricane of 1938 and served simply as a storage building for many years. It was restored beginning in 1987 and continues now to be used for meditation and small services.

The Veterans’ monument, benches and surrounding area is dedicated to veterans of all wars is a beautiful addition to Pine Grove Cemetery.

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