Assistance & Services

In this section you will find Federal and State benefits that serve Grafton, Northborough, Shrewsbury & Westborough Veterans and Families. The VSO's can also help connect you with local organizations that provide services such as food pantry's, social activities and employment assistance. 


 MA Executive Office of Veterans Services

Department of Veterans' Affairs


Q: What is the definition of a Veteran?

A: Veteran status is obtained by serving on Active Duty for a period of 24 months, or being injured while

on active duty orders. Reserves and National Guard can obtain Veteran status by being activated for 180

consecutive days or spending 30 days in a combat zone. Reserve and National Guard are also eligible for

Veteran Status if 20 years of service. It is best to contact the VSO to determine status.

Q: How can I apply for VA benefits?

A: The Veteran Service Offices are able to help process VA claims. We will submit all the documents and

help guide you through the process and ensure the correct forms are submitted. The Executive Office of

Veteran Affairs has a National Service Officer that serves as the VA representative.

Q: What financial assistance is available for Veterans?

A: Massachusetts is the only state that provdes financial assistance to Veterans. CH 115 is a financial

safety net program that can help provide financial assistance. There is also a Veteran Annuity for

Veterans with 100% disability rating from the VA. The VSO will need to determine if Veterans are eligible

and will manage the claims for each town. VA claims can also provide financial compensation for either

a service connected disability or non-service connected pension. Please contact the VSO for further