Residential Building Permit Requirements

Residential Building Permits

(All requirements may not be necessary for some projects)

  1. Two sets of full-sized, hard copy Plans delivered to our office if this is a new house, renovation, or addition
  2. Plans; uploaded into PermitPro
  3. Owner Authorization (PDF) uploaded into PermitPro
  4. Workers Compensation Affidavit (PDF) if you choose option Number 5 the list of contractors and insurance must also be provided; uploaded into PermitPro
  5. Certificate of Insurance; naming the Town of Westborough, 45 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581 as the CERTIFICATE HOLDER; uploaded into PermitPro

For New House (or Additions)

  1. Proposed Certified Plot Plan uploaded into PermitPro (Upon project completion a Certified As-Built will be required)
  2. Total proposed gross floor area (PDF)
  3. Total Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  4. Permit calculation worksheet (XLSX) provided by the Westboro Building Department; uploaded into PermitPro