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Community Preservation Act (CPA) Surcharge on your tax bills.

The Community Preservation Act statute was accepted by Westborough under Article 23 at the Annual Town Meeting on March 19, 2022 and approved at the ballot on November 8, 2022. The CPA surcharge began in FY2024 with a surcharge of 0.5%. and a $100,000 value exemption for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Additional information can be found on the Community Preservation Committees page.


Fiscal 2024 Tax Calculator

Fiscal 2024 Tax Rate is $16.41

Fiscal 2023 Tax Rate was $16.84


The role of the Assessor's Office is the valuation of all real and personal property throughout the community.  The Department of Revenue requires that all property be valued at full and fair cash value, in compliance with Mass. General Law.

Throughout the year, the office works to evaluate all property sales with sales questionnaires and owner interviews, publicly available information and on-site inspections to confirm the property data at the time of the sale.  Theses inspections are essential for us to accurately interpret and analyze sales to develop our annual values.

Another key function is capturing new growth from permitting, construction and the addition of business personal property.  Property visits for permits are important so that we can accurately reflect the changes or additions to properties.  If we are not able to complete an inspection, we can only adjust based upon the limited information available to us.  At the time of these permit inspections, we hope to complete full property inspections for the confirmation of the total record in order to remain compliant with the Department of Revenue certification requirements.

The Select Board Held the Tax Classification Hearing on November 28th.  Westborough Will Maintain a Single Tax Rate for Fiscal 2024

Fiscal 2024 Tax Classification Presentation

The Assessor's Office is conducting cyclical inspections in neighborhoods throughout Town. Municipal Finance Services, LLC has been contracted by the Department for this service.

Fiscal Year 2024 Personal Property Form of List