For any proposed work that would take place within the 100 foot Buffer Zone of Wetland Resource Areas, applicants must submit their plans to the Conservation Commission for approval before activity occurs.

Please file with us using Permit Pro. Here, you will be able to create your application, upload all documents, pay fees, and track the progress of your application.

Application Materials

Town Wetland Permit Application Checklist

Abutter Notification Form

Bylaw Fees

On May 10, 2022, the Conservation Commission voted unanimously to approve the adoption of permitting fees. These fees are associated with all wetland permit applications. On August 23.2322, the Select Board voted to adjust the Conservation fees as requested by the Commission. The Wetlands Protection Act fees associated with a NOI are still required by the State.

Notice of Intent50% of the whole fee as calculated using the methodology of 310 CMR 10.03(7)(a)
Bylaw-only Notice of Intent$150
Amended Order of Conditions Request$50
Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation50% of the whole fee as calculated using the methodology of 310 CMR 10.03(7)(a)
Request for Determination of Applicability$25
Request for Permit Extension$25
Request for Certificate of Compliance$25

Please call or email Conservation Department Staff if you have any questions.

Conservation Commission Meeting Materials

Once you have submitted your filing materials in accordance with our deadline policy, your project will bee added to the agenda.

Continuance Request

Minor Exempt Activities

Conservation Commission Guidelines

Legal Ad Authorization Form