Art for Earth Poster Contest

Sustainable Westborough is thrilled to invite students to participate in the Art For Earth Poster Competition. Posters will be displayed and judged at the 3rd annual Westborough Environmental Action Fair.

Winners to be announced on March 16, 2024, 3 pm in the WHS gym during the fair

Contest Details:

      • Who Can Participate: Open to Westborough high school, middle school, and elementary school students.
      • Submission Requirements: All posters must be original art; avoid trademarked or copyrighted images.  
      • Identification Form: We need to know who you are!  Print this FORM, complete the appropriate section and tape on the back of the poster.
      • Submission: Submit posters to an Art For Earth collection box, located at Hastings, Fales, Armstrong, Mill Pond, Gibbons, WHS and at the Westborough Public Library. 
      • Submission Deadline: We will be picking up all of the collection boxes on March 11.  We want as many posters as possible, so if you missed the pickup, please contact us and we will try to make other arrangement: Email to

Poster Guidelines:

Create a visually exciting poster to inspire environmentally friendly actions. Empower and educate others through your design, encouraging climate awareness and promoting sustainable behaviors. Address large issues such as switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, or moving from gas powered to electric vehicles. Or highlight small personal lifestyle changes, such as reducing plastic consumption and changing diets from meat to plant based foods. Illustrate the importance of planting native trees to maintain biodiversity. Inspire us to reduce household trash using tools like composting, up-cycling and recycling. Your poster is an opportunity to vividly depict the protection of natural resources and the active reduction of carbon generating activities. Let your Art For Earth poster be a catalyst for change.

Submission Requirements:

  • Your poster can be horizontal or vertical, ranging from 8½ x 11 to 22 × 28 inches. 
  • All posters must be original art; avoid trademarked or copyrighted images.
  • Print this FORM, complete the appropriate section and tape on the back of the poster.

Contest Categories and Prizes:

  • We will split the submissions into different categories by grades.  
  • Judges' decisions are final.
  • Each winner receives a gift card.

Public Display and Reproduction:

Images of the Posters may be showcased and reproduced on the official Sustainable Westborough website and Westborough social media channels. Sustainable Westborough will hold all copyrights of the submitted content. Students can take their art home at the end of the Fair.

Thank you for contributing to the Westborough Environmental Action Fair and inspiring positive change through your creative expressions!

Art For Earth Poster Competition Registration Form:

  1. Submission Confirmation*

    By submitting this form, I confirm that the poster I am entering into the Sustainable Westborough Poster Contest is my original work. I understand that the use of trademarked or copyrighted images or phrases is not permitted. I grant Sustainable Westborough the right to display and reproduce my winning poster on their official website and social media channels, with all copyrights of the submitted content belonging to Sustainable Westborough.

  2. Parent/Guardian Consent (for students under 18)

    I, the undersigned participant, hereby give my consent to participate in the Sustainable Westborough Poster Contest and understand the contest guidelines and submission terms. If the participant is 18 years or older, they may check this box confirming their own consent.

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