WEAF Flyer Save the Date Revised Join Sustainable Westborough and the Rotary Club of Westborough as we come together for the 2024 Westborough Environmental Action Fair at the Westborough High School gymnasium and auditorium on March 16th, 2024.

This impactful event aims to shed light on the environmental challenges we face in our daily lives, particularly concerning climate change. Our goal is to empower the community with valuable information and resources, encouraging individuals to make positive changes

at both the personal and local levels to safeguard our environment.

Immerse yourself in enlightening lectures covering a range of topics, including climate feedback loops, pollination system conservation, insights on raising chickens, and student perspectives on climate change. Throughout the years, our fair has hosted exhibitors representing green businesses, land trusts, and diverse environmental organizations.

If you're passionate about environmental causes, consider joining us as an EXHIBITOR or VOLUNTEERING to contribute to this meaningful event. Your participation will play a crucial role in fostering awareness and inspiring actionable steps towards a more sustainable future. Get involved and be part of the change!