Open Space and Recreation Plan


The format of this report is dictated by the Commonwealth’s Open Space and Recreation Plan Requirements available from the web at


The Westborough Open Space and Recreation Plan 2003 Update consists of eleven chapters, eight appendices and fourteen maps.  A print copy of the map is available at the Library and printed versions may be purchased at the Planning Board Office at the Forbes Municipal Building.



Chapter 1 Plan Summary

Chapter 2 Introduction

Chapter 3 Community Setting

Chapter 4 Environmental Inventory and Analysis

Chapter 5 Inventory of Lands of Conservation and Recreation Interest

Chapter 6 Community Vision

Chapter 7 Analysis of Needs

Chapter 8 Goals and Objectives

Chapter 9 Five Year Action Plan

Chapter 10 Public Comments

Chapter 11 References



Appendix A Past Farms In Westborough 1930-1940

Appendix B Westborough Open Space in 1960

Appendix C Population Projections and Procedures

Appendix D Land Use

Appendix E Current Hazardous Waste Sites in Westborough

Appendix F Recreational Facility Accessibility Assessment

Appendix G Contact list for State Agencies with land in town

Appendix H Contact list for Land Trusts with land in town



1908 USGS Topographical Map

1940’s USGS Topographical Map

1950’s USGS Topographical Map

1960’s USGS Topographical Map

Planning Area Map

Zoning Map

Current Land Use Map

Build out Composite Map

Soils and Geologic Features Map

Habitats and Unique Features Map

Aquifer and Watershed Protection Districts Map

Town Trail System Map

Open Space Inventory Map

Action Plan Map