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Town of Westborough, Massachusetts
Town of Westborough, Massachusetts
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Cultural Council
Contact TypeContact Information
Lynn Watts
Chairman (508) 366-5034
Katherine Leblanc
Vice Chairman (508) 366-0409
Helena Engberg
Secretary (508) 366-2701
34 West Main Street
Westborough, Ma 01581
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Board/Commission Members
Susan Abladian
Ernie D'Elia
Maureen Johnson
Katherine LeBlanc, NVA
Betheda Shuman, NVA
Carolyn Spring, NVA
Cliff Watts
Robert Cunningham
Phyllis Jaffee
Lynn Watts
Syed Hashmi
James McAlice
 Westborough Cultural Council
The Westborough Cultural Council (WCC) distributes funds to nonprofit individuals or nonprofit organizations to support prograf!1s in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences in Westborough. The funds come from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, from the Town of Westborough, and fund-raising by the Westborough Cultural Council.
Job Description
The WCC is comprised of volunteers appointed by the Selectmen. There are nine positions on the committee, although state parameters allow any number between five and twenty-two
members. All meetings are open and held in the Historical Commission office which is handicapped accessible. Meetings are posted with the Town Clerk, and all approved minutes of meetings are filed with the Town Clerk. All decisions require a quorum of members voting. The
members are volunteers from the community with an interest in or support of arts , humanities, and interpretive sciences. Diverse membership is highly desirable.
Member terms are for three years. Members serve a maximum of six years and must take a year off to be eligible to serve again. Members are required to attend meetings. If one misses four or more meetings in succession without prior notification to the Council Chair or Secretary, he/she is expected to resign. All communications are via e-mail so it is highly advisable for members to
have access.
The availability of grants is advertised in early fall to get the largest cross section of applicants. The members provide applicant assistance for those who projects qualify under WCC rules when needed. The MCC must be informed ofthe grants awarded, and the local Town Accountant needs to know of each award and its amount. Funds are kept in an interest bearing account. No more than 5% of the state allotment can be spent on expenses, and reimbursement needs the usual detailed receipts for the Town Accountant.
The application deadline for grant applications is the middle of October, with grants announced to the public and the MCC notified by mid-December. All applications are reviewed for completeness and each application is discussed at a public meeting. When a voting member has a stake in an application, that member must recuse him/herself from that particular vote.
Throughout the year other projects are done by members such as a recognition reception, a cultural calendar for distribution, fund raising, liaison with cultural events and groups, publicity, etc. Each member is expected to assist as needed.
The Westborough Cultural Council meets usually the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Historical Commission room. Occasionally, it is necessary to have an extra meeting in the same place at the same time.

Town of Westborough